Ephesus Suites Kirazlı
Ephesus Suites Kirazlı
Ephesus Hillside

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Are you ready to wake up to tranquility and nature across a clear pool in ecologically rich Kirazlı Village hidden between vineyards and cherry trees of Aegean where blue and green meets?

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Would you like to see one of the 7 wonders of the World?

After waking up with the twittering of the birds in your room with a view to the pool and having breakfast, you can reach the ancient city Ephesus, where also the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the World, by a short car tour of just 15 minutes.

Travel in time on a single day

Kirazlı, a very traditional village of the Aegean region, in which men sit in the café in the morning hour and play cards, countrywomen sit in front their houses to gossip and young people telling each other about their wild boar hunting adventures of the previous night. When looking at such scenes, you may imagine yourself in a nostalgic movie of the 1950s. :) However, in a just distance of 10 minutes from the village you can have a coffee at Starbucks at the port, shop from the most luxurious stores in the shopping malls, cooled down by the air-conditioning systems and go through a modern day of the 21st century when you nip on your drink in the bars with life music. We wait for you to offer you a vacation, where you can experience two different time slides on the same day.

Joy of feast in Kirazlı :)

We have celebrated the feast in Kirazlı, escaping from the crowd and the traffic of İstanbul and the cold air conditions of the metrobus to the gardens of Kirazlı full of cherry trees and vineyards and to its warm weather. Next year, we expect you to celebrate the feast days in Ephesus Suites Kirazlı.

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